Campaign Issues


Transparancy and Accountability

       Oklahoma’s government is failing Oklahomans. Beverly plans to push for transparency in our states government. Adams also sees the need for every state agency to have a complete forensic audit performed. Every state agency needs to be held accountable.    





Jane Smith Used Online Candidate for her Campaign Website CMSEducation is at the forefront of Beverly Adams' campaign.  Being a former Educator, Beverly understands that children are our future.  Students need the knowledge to be able to become productive members of society.    Yes, Educators know that Oklahoma ranks 49th in the nation when it comes to teacher pay but they sign up for the job anyway.  Why you ask?  Because they LOVE to see children's faces light up when they grasp a concept.  They LOVE to hear their students tell them about their sporting event from the night before.  Educators LOVE to see their students socialize and work out conflicts with others students to grow and learn to be a kind hearted person.  Educators do need a pay raise and school districts need these current pay raises to be funded by the state beyond one year.

School districts also need more funding for the classroom so our Educators can continue properly educating our future.  In order to accomplish this, our Educators need funding for their classroom to be successful.  


The Economy

JaneWhen you look around at Oklahoma you see new businesses moving in and new homes being built but what does the economy really look like in Oklahoma?  Oklahoma ranks 47th in economic activity, 48th in GDP (growth domestic product) growth and 50th in fewest exports per capita (source:  Oklahoma needs to be able to increase new industry, in turn creates new jobs to generously stimulate our economy.  Oklahomans have a 15.5% income poverty rate which is above the national average of 10%.  Oklahomans without healthcare is 16.1%  which is also above the national average of 10%.  In 2016 the legislatures cut the Oklahoma Earned Income Tax Credits (EITC).  They made them non refundable.  These need to be brought back to help reduce our poverty in Oklahoma.  Monies need to come back to the pockets of Oklahomans so they can afford healthcare.


Too  Much TrafficInfrastructure

Oklahoma needs to invest in long term infrastructure for our rural and urban areas. More and more people are attracted to Mustang and Tuttle. Our small roads are not equipped to handle such large, fast growth. Our police and fire do an outstanding job with the large area that the cover but these services need to be closer to serve our growing community.





2nd Amendment Rights and our Military

Beverly stands strong on 2nd amendment rights and the right to defend your family. She is humbled by our military’s service and dedication. She is proud to be an American.

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